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Choose your racket

2011-04-28 23:29:48


How to choose the right beach tennis racquet

This following text offers basic advice on choosing the right beach tennis racquet

A general description of the two basic concepts:

Racquets for aggressive play

The following features are important for high ball speed and offensive play

  • hard materials
  • racquet weight in head
  • smaller sweet spot
  • relatively heavy racquet

Racquets for ball control and defensive play

The following fe...

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Orange is the new Green

2011-07-14 21:14:15

From 2011 players and tournament organisers should note a change to the rules concerning the type of ball to be used at all matches on the ITF Beach Tennis Tour.

Previous years have seen the Stage 1 “Green” balls used but, following requests from players, fans and the Beach Tennis Community in general, it has been decided that the Stage 2 “Orange” balls are now to be used.

The Stage 2 “Orange” balls are softer, therefore slower, than the Stage 1 “Green” balls and this should p...

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