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Partner Commission System Rules

General Provisions

1 These cooperation rules and conditions govern the relationship between the Partner
 Programme participant (hereinafter the Partner) and Atestační středisko, a.s. (hereinafter the Operator).


2 The Partner Programme ( is run by ATESTAČNÍ STŘEDISKO, a.s., Týmlova 1, 140 00 Prague 4, Id No.: 25828959, VAT No.: CZ25828959
The company is incorporated in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, Insert 7480


3 Once registered in the Partner Programme, the participant is accepted as a Partner of the Operator. When registering, the Partner is obliged to provide true facts and enter all the data required.
Registration implies an explicit agreement with the rules and conditions of cooperation the Partner undertakes to observe.
By registering into the Programme the Partner agrees to having their personal data processed by Atestační středisko, a.s. in compliance with Act 101/2000 Coll., and used for marketing  activities.

4 The Operator hereby undertakes not to provide the personal data to a third party.

Cooperation Conditions and Content

5 The cooperation of the Operator and Partner is based on the marketing support of the sale of sports goods by means of the website, which is owned and run by the Operator.
The marketing support mainly focuses on presenting the Operator’s offer through personalized offer. The Operator’s web pages are to be found at This web also hosts the Partner Programme system.

6 When promoting the Operator’s web and their products, the Partner must not lie or distort information, for example regarding the price of the goods offered.

7 The Partner may use links in e-mails.

8 The Partner shall conduct the promotion legally in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic.
SPAM-based promotion is prohibited. (See Act 480/2004 Coll., on certain information society services)


9 The registration is free of charge. The Operator may decline the registration without giving a reason. The Partner may have one account only opened in the Partner Programme.

10 Only physical entities over the age of 15 may register.


11 Commissions are paid for a settled ordering of goods made by a customer who has arrived at the Operator’s web pages through the Partner’s recommendation, who provides the customer with a special code.

12 There is no commission on goods that the customer has ordered but failed to pay.

13 The Partner’s commission may be cancelled if the purchase has been for any reason cancelled and the customer has received the money  back.

14 The commission may be cancelled if the Partner has breached the rules and conditions of cooperation. Upon a particularly serious breach of the rules, all the preceding commissions may also be cancelled.

15 Commissions are paid solely based on information from the Partner Programme system and the Operator’s internal system which registers actual orders and sale.

Amount of Commissions

16 The commission is calculated as a percentage of the total price of sold and settled goods. The Partner’s commission equals 7% of the total price of the sold and settled goods.

Payment of Commissions

17 Unless the Partner has a business licence, a mediation agreement needs to be signed prior to the payment of the first commission.

18 If  the Partner holds a business licence, the commissions shall be paid based on an invoice the Partner issues for the Operator. Payment is due 30 days after the invoice date.

19 If being a VAT payer, the Partner increases the invoiced amount by 20% VAT.

20 Commissions worth at least Euro 100 shall be paid out on a quarterly basis. If a smaller amount is concerned, the commissions are transferred to another quarter.
Commissions may not be transferred to another year.

21 Prior to the settlement, the Partner shall be inquired by email whether the Partner wishes to make the payment. The Partner is obliged to approve the payment within 10 days from the moment we submit the billing. If the Partner fails to approve the payment, it is understood that the Partner is not interested in the payment.

22 If the Partner approves the payment but fails to send back a signed contract or issue an invoice within 7 days from the granting of the approval, the Partner relinquishes the right to the commission payment.

23 The Partner is obliged to tax the payment from the Partner Programme in accordance with law.

24 If the Partner resolves to terminate cooperation with the Operator, the Partner shall receive the remaining commission within 30 days. Again, the commission must be at least CZK 500.

25 If the cooperation is terminated due to a breach of the Cooperation Rules and Conditions, the Partner shall not receive the remaining commission.

26 Commissions are paid out in three currencies: in Czech crowns, Euro or US dollar.

The Operator Agrees

27 The Operator agrees to provide the Partner with access to true statistics concerning purchases made through the Partner’s link.

28 Furthermore, the Operator agrees to pay out commissions based on the cooperation rules and conditions.

29 The Operator is not obliged to provide statistics of purchases made in any other way than online through the Partner Programme system.

Withdrawal Terms and Conditions

30 Cooperation is concluded for an indefinite period. It may be terminated by either of the Contractual Parties. The Operator and the Partner may terminate cooperation by sending an email proposing its termination.

31 Should the Partner breach the Cooperation Rules and Conditions, the Operator may terminate the cooperation without paying out commissions from orders made.

Final Provisions

32 The Operator is entitled to alter the above cooperation rules and conditions at any time, including the amount and type of commissions. The Partner shall be notified of these alterations not later than within 5 working days by an email sent to an address specified by the Partner during the registration.

33 Unless the Partner accepts the new conditions, the cooperation shall be terminated.

The present cooperation rules and conditions come into force as of 1 June 2011.